Top ways to greet strangers and acquaintances

Slangy greetings aren't always the greatest ones to use with random people -- especially if they're a little more advanced in age. But there's still no need to rely on dull textbook phrases....

Vocab summary:

Buenas – 'Morning / 'afternoon / 'evening.

¿Cómo me le va? / ¿Cómo le ha ido? – How are things? / How's it going?

¿Cómo amaneció? – How did you sleep? / How has your morning been?

Muy bien / súper bien / demasiado bien – Really good / great (responses for when someone asks how you are).

Gracias a Dios / gracias al Señor – Thanks to God.

Todo sobre ruedas - Everything's running smoothly.

Todo bajo control - Everything's under control.

Ahí en la lucha / ahí voy – 'Getting there' / 'battling on' (responses for when someone asks how you are).

Quick task

  • Now that you’ve watched a few different videos on this topic I think you’re ready for a short tasking:
    • Pay careful attention to the next small talk conversation you have in your native tongue, making a note of the set phrases that you personally use to get conversations going.
    • Write out and memorise the Spanish equivalents of all your individual favourite phrases so you're immediately ready to deploy these in your next Spanish conversation.
    • Use the videos in this module for reference, along with the 2nd chapter of the Colombian Spanish eBook that is available to download in the last module of the course.

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