What's different about Colombians' social lives?

Here, a few Colombians will explain, in their own words (and using their own slang), what they get up to in their free time. Weekends spent in the country are quite different to how I used to spend mine back home...

Some questions to answer...

After watching the video, answer the following questions:

  • In what part of Colombia do they use the expression ‘irse de espeleque’?
  • What expression would they use for the same activity elsewhere in the country?
  • How does Lucía say “since I was little” in Spanish?
  • How many days are in a Colombian week?
  • What is a “sancocho”?

Key vocab

Irse de espeluque – To go out partying (Caribbean coast).

Despelucarse – To get your hair messed up.

Irse de rumba – To go out partying.

Tomar unos tragos – To have some (strong) drinks.

Desde pequeño/a – Since I was little...

Cada ocho días – Every week.

Cada quince días – Every two weeks.

Defenderse – To get by (in the context of a skill e.g. dancing, speaking a foreign language).

Pasar guayabo – To spend time getting over a hangover.

El guayabo se quita con…[objeto] – You can get over your hangover by [whatever].

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